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Alternative Parts

While many Matra parts can only be obtained from the few remaining specialists, like Politecnic in France,
Simon in Germany and Carjoy in the Netherlands, some of the more straightforward items can still be found at local stockists,
if you know what to ask for. Below I list some of the alternatives found by myself or others.

Click here Murena Parts to see the list of Murena parts I have for sale.

Every reasonable attempt is made to ensure the details below are correct but always satisfy youself before purchase.
Neither myself nor the other contributors are responsible for any errors, omissions or consequential loss.

Murena General (applies for all models) N.B: Unipart have closed down. Quinton Hazell ownership has changed so their parts & numbers may have changed.
Item Supplier Part number Notes
Door mirrors *Greig Dalgliesh Arms and Rods Greig has the arms & rods which are the common bits broken if the mirror is knocked. The arm is better as it is made from solid alloy unlike the original badly aerated casting. Mid-2016, only a few left now!
Oil filter (Std) Baldwin B7292 Same item as fitted to many Talbot models, Motaquip VFL111, Motorcraft EFL111, 16 x 1.5 mm thread. The Fram one seems to be no longer available, and after seeing their latest quality I would keep away from them anyway. Many stockists no longer appear to stock this size filter, whatever brand! Contact me if you are having trouble finding one, as I normally have stock.
Wix WL7101
Champion H101
Mann W712/11
Spark plugs NGK BP6ES Various makes will work -- but these are very good (either engine). Set gaps to 25 thou (0.65mm) before fitting. I strongly advise NOT using the multi-electrode plugs as they can cause starting/running problems.
Coil (12v) Lucas DLB198 Also Valeo 245058 a possibility. Comes with alternative electrical terminals (male/female), but this is the correct coil for electronic ignition (Bosch hall effect distributor).
Intermotor 11380
Header Tank Cap (Expansion tank) Updated item Talbot/Matra 32546200 This is a short reach cap (24 mm top of cap to seal) that seems to be special to the Murena again! Its rating is 80 kilo Pascals or 0.8 Bar which is 11.6 psi, when most caps are either 70 kPa (10 psi) or 90 kPa (13 psi). Vapormatic, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Deere in the U.K. have the correct part: VPE3262 but might need to be ordered. Gates RC118 (10 psi) or Gates RC122 (13 psi) are respectively slightly lower or higher alternatives if you need one quickly.
AC Delco RC56 (80kPa)
Renault 77 00 066 199
Thermostat Talbot 1337.53 This is an 83 degree thermostat. Quinton Hazell QTH165 or 165K (with gasket). Also Gates TH10981G1.
FAE 5301583
Thermostat Talbot 1337.97 This is an 89 degree thermostat. Quinton Hazell QTH135 or 135K (with gasket). Also Gates TH02491G1.
FAE 5301589
Radiator switch Intermotor 50130 M22 x 1.5 with washer, 29mm A/F, 2 Lucar terminals. (95/86 degrees), same as part number Talbot 13255100 / Unipart GVS117. If you want a slightly lower rated temperature setting, fit a 92/87 degree switch: FAE 37310 / Lucas SNB723 / Intermotor 50200.
CitroŽn/Talbot 1264.20
FAE 37330 Old No.3703
Door opening surround seal Woolies 264 Black Woolies (I & C Woolstenholmes Ltd) Classic trim specialists based in Market Deeping normally carry stock of this seal. You will need approx. 3.5 metres per side so 7m total for the car. Other colours now available.
Electric window door switch Talbot/Matra 57093400 I have found a UK stockist of these switches the same as the original (but even slightly better quality). Direct replacement. Illuminated arrow version appears to be no longer available.
Illuminated NLA
Brake light switch Intermotor 51470 M12 x 1.25, Fits to pedal support. Original part number 4534.08 or 30258400
Reversing light switch FAE  (better for 1.6) 41070 M12x1.0 thread. CitroŽn/Peugeot 2257.22 or CitroŽn/Peugeot No: 7545420500 Fiat Ducato No: 75491289. Was Intermotor 54390  (There are many places listing the wrong switch with an M14 thread so beware!)
Facet 7.6019
Wheel Bearing Talbot   Peugeot/Talbot 0017540300 0057005700 Mopar VBW155. Sealed same Front & Rear. Firstline FBK043, A.B.S. 200579, Bendix 050824B, FAG 713630910, SKF VKBA 3470, Flennor FR 791252, Moog RE-WB-11491, SNR R15545, Timken EK78662 or Renault 6025170050
Lockable wheel bolts McGards (Halfords) 27179 The thread is M12 x 1.5. These 27179 are available as 27179SU (Chrome head), or 27179SUB (Black head), to match your black bolt caps, or 27179SL. (Chrome with rotating ring for extra security)
Locking petrol cap The fuel cap company DC011 Listed application is Bagheera & Murena
Wiper blades Bosch 530mm SP21/21S If you still have the original spoiler on the drivers wiper arm use two 530mm/21" plain blades. If the spoiler has been removed or is missing use one spoiler blade (driver side) and one plain blade.
Murena 1.6 Engine X5J2 1592cc (ohv)   This is the Simca Poissy engine. 
Distributor cap Intermotor 45830 Some have caps with side entry towers and some straight up. The Intermotor cap here is for those with side entry. The Bosch part number is for those with towers straight up.
Bosch 1 235 522 056
Rotor arm Intermotor 48780s For Bosch distributor 0 237 020 039. (Also fits the 2.2 Murena)
H.T.Lead set (Plugs & King lead) Roy Gillard 32cm, 38cm, 36cm, 40cm. A set of H.T.Leads for the 1.6 (or Bagheera/Rancho etc.) should be easier to find as there were many more of these engines in various Simca/Talbots, but the king leads can vary depending on the position of the coil plus the distributors can be side or top entry. I can easily make up a set though if required.
Ignition module NLA Talbot 522090600 This is the same as the late Bagheera & Rancho with electronic ignition and is now becoming extremely difficult to obtain. Beware of the U.S. Chrysler part sometimes offered which is not an alternative.
Intermotor 15270
Air filter (Std) Talbot/Matra 32682600 This is a rare filter that now appears to be discontinued. Dimensions are approx. 268mm outside, 248mm inside dia. and 70mm deep although it is squashed into an oval. Another company gives the figures as 275mm x 220mm outside/inside dia. Purflux list it as A426. K&N, makers of long life wire mesh type filters, may have one close enough that it could be used?
Peugeot 144537
Fram CA 3151
Knecht or Mahle LX 135
Fuel pump PTZ PN 3472 Same as Peugeot 309, Bagheera & Rancho. Pump has 1 inlet & 2 outlets, 1 with a restricted return to tank. Was Talbot 1450.77, Moprod FP444 or Valeo 247059. (single outlet version could be used in emergency.)
Sofabex 8114
Temp. sender/sensor Talbot 0242.63 M14 x 1.25, colour code Black. Alternative Intermotor 52220. Intermotor say 52220 is for both engines as do FAE for their 31280 in their catalogue. However the 2.2 is also listed with a Red coded transmitter!
FAE 31280
Water pump Delphi DD1160 Same as Bagheera and all models using this engine family. Was QCP977 but Q/H no longer trading.
Dolz T116
Fan belt (9.5x788mm) or (775/760?) Ferodo VS775 or VS760? According to the parts manual the 1.6 uses either a 775 or 760mm long belt, but according to at least one manufacturer it uses a 788mm long belt, so you really need to measure your own here. Gates 6273mc (788mm) or 6211mc (775mm) or 6285mc (763mm)
Lucas KDB775 or KDB760?
Alternator Bosch 0.120.489.999 50 Amp alternator equivalent to Ducellier 516.040C (also fitted on Bagheera and Rancho). Lucas LRA 281, or Wood Auto can usually supply new or overhaul your own. Valeo 9AL2504G
Paris-Rhone A13N46
Valeo 433380
Starter Motor Valeo 433304 Same as fitted to Horizon and Alpine/Solara with J2 engine.
Lucas LRS 598
Rear crank seal Talbot 0514.29 In an alloy holder that bolted to block with 0514.34 gasket. ?BGA seal OS 3374 may not be in holder.

Murena 2.2 Engine X5N2 2156cc (ohc)   This is the Simca Type 180 engine.  
Distributor cap Intermotor 44190 For Bosch distributor 0 237 002 069.
Halfords HDC500
Rotor arm Intermotor 48780s For Bosch distributor 0 237 002 069.
Beru 405220090
Halfords HRA507
Distributor cap Intermotor 46050 For Ducellier distributor.
Rotor arm Intermotor 47410 For Ducellier distributor.
H.T.Leads (Plugs and King lead) Roy Gillard 64, 67, 76 & 82 cm You will never get a ready made set for the 2.2 these days, with the correct length H.T. leads, and you end up with some much too long, so why not buy mine? I can make a set up to all the correct lengths (and plug leads numbered) plus the correct short (36cm) king lead, and at a better price too.
Ignition pack Intermotor 15010 The latter two are obscure makes, but widely used and seem reliable (from specialist auto-electricians) -- remember to use the base heatsink paste.
Fister HW602
Huco 13 8001
Air filter (Std) Halfords HAF 218 The same item as fitted to many CitroŽn/Peugeot/Talbot models. The K&N long life filter which just needed cleaning and oiling regularly, is NLA (2017). This could mean the normal paper filter may also become more difficult to get in the future.
Fram CA 3174B
K&N E-9121
Fuel pump PTZ (Slovenia) PN 4357 Was AC Delco 461-26 same as Tagora 2.2 and Chrysler 160/180/2-litre or Simca 1610 models etc. Alternative was EFFBE PBS197 & Purflux PS3109. PTZ has screwed diaphragm, Sofabex is crimped.
Sofaxbex 8109
Fuel filter Talbot VFF100 Relatively conventional clear in-line filter. Many alternatives available I'm sure.
Valve Stem Seals Elring 702.951 Valve seals do not generally come in the gasket sets any more, no idea why! However, do NOT use any seals with a white (probably Teflon) centre piece which are known to fail. Use the stem seals from Elring.
Radiator fan switch FAE 37310 Radiator mounted fan switch M22 x 1.5 with washer, 29mm A/F socket size, 2 x 6.3mm Lucar terminals. (92/87 degrees). Alternatives Lucas SNB723.
Intermotor 50200
Engine fan switch FAE 36010 2.2 Engine mounted fan switch M14 x 1.5 but only if you carry out my cooling system modifications. It is a 95/90 degree switch which matches well with the 92/87 degree radiator switch above.
Intermotor 50041
Temp. sender/sensor Talbot 1337.72 M14 x 1.25, colour code Red. FAE list this one and Intermotor list their 52212 for these engines, but they also say the Black coded transmitters are suitable, so take your choice!
FAE 31370
Water pump Talbot 1201.41 BEWARE Dolz list the T116 (1.6) water pump for the 2.2 engine which is totally wrong. Motaquip VWP108 and Q/H QCP 1011 were also correct numbers, but no matter what make, these are now unobtainable. (casting depth for the Murena is 78mm whilst the 180/2-litre/Tagora 2.2 was 83mm but they can be easily modified).
Delphi DD1161
Dolz T158
Roy Gillard Get your old pump overhauled if the casting & impeller are good, for less than a new one. Contact me for information.
Fan belt Ferodo VS913 (9.5x913mm) Some brands stretch repeatedly in use. Good brands like Ferodo, Gates or Lucas don't, AVX section cogged belt for better flexibility and therefore longer lasting, 913mm length. N.B. if you have a 2.2 with a smaller than normal water pump pulley your vee-belt will be shorter.
Lucas KDB913
Gates 6272MC
Sump gasket Talbot/Matra 32665100 BEWARE sump gaskets without metal spacers as they are wrong and won't last. Politecnic & Garage Clement (France) Simon Auto (Germany) & Carjoy (NL) are the only suppliers of correct ones.
Simon Auto 01 143
Paris-Rhone A13N10 Alternator Talbot (Exchange) XEU157 This is a rare alternator (55 Amp) not fitted to many vehicles & the only one known to fit the 2.2 engine without any modification. An alternative is the Lucas LRA592. *I've now found another company in the UK which can supply one rated at 80 Amp so if you want a higher power alternator contact Wood Auto.
Valeo 432708
Wood Auto * ALT14117
Paris-Rhone A13N10 Regulator/Brush Beru 0190005016 Also one made by Cargo No. 13 0657. Possibly only from auto-electrical specialists.
Valeo 182046
Paris-Rhone DE9 Starter motor Talbot (exchange) XEU339 The same unit as fitted to Chrysler 2 litre and 2.2 Tagora, now usually sold under the Valeo name. An alternative is the Lucas LRS 199.
Rear crank seal or Camshaft seal   None There are no rear crank lip seals or camshaft seals (No matter what BGA list!) These engines use half rope seals in the rear of the block & cap. (engine & crank have to come out to replace them) & the camshaft chain drive is inside the casing.

Murena Front Suspension     *Note torsion bar springs must be safely released or secured before most front suspension repairs. Don't attempt without a manual!
Shock Absorbers Koni 80-2480  
S/Absorber Bush kit Koni 1438  
Upper ball joint Motaquip VSJ510 Part No. 12858600 Usually easily available and fit lots of other Simca and Bagheera.
Lower ball joint Motaquip VSJ418 Part No. 13489200 Larger than Bagheera and other Simca models, was also fitted to Solara. Try Firstline FBJ5067, TRW JBJ605, Delphi TC200, Frap 615, or Mapco 19203. (or QSJ815S)
Steering Rack Gaiters Delphi TBR 3072 Was Q/H QG1018.
Track Rod Ends Mopar VTR 357 Delphi TA667, Frap 210, or TRW JTE993. Was Q/H QR1204S.
Firstline FTR 4029
Anti-roll bar drop link kit Motaquip VSK 128 Moprod MSL 1702 or Delphi TD273W. Sold per side, two needed for a car.
Steering track rod and inner ball joint Firstline FTR 4220 TRW JAR 540 Was QR4191S, similar to the Bagheera part number QR1561S but with built in spacer I think.
Front Hub Nut Roy Gillard As 6935.41 I have no more stock of front hub nuts. -- You may find them on the internet.
Murena Rear Suspension     *Note coil springs must be clamped and compressed before releasing top mounting nuts as strut has no top plate. Don't attempt without a manual!
Shock Absorbers Koni 82-2184 Pair (need spring seats from old dampers).
S/Absorber Bush Kit Koni 2064  
Rear Hub Nut Roy Gillard As 32628300 The stock of specially made rear hub nuts (made by Greig) have now all been sold. (See next Parts for Sale page)
Hub bearing circlip *Mike Hally As 6978.18 Unobtainable from Matra Magic etc. -- Mike bought a batch from Springmasters (they don't sell one-offs). He will re-sell at cost, £1.50 each, £2.50 pair (postage included). Use club email list for Mike Hally's email.
Murena Clutch and Gearbox     1.6 clutch 200mm diameter.   2.2 clutch 215mm diameter (same friction plate as Espace S1 & CitroŽn CX)
Murena 1.6 CitroŽn/Peugeot Clutch kit Complete kit 95596203 Same as fitted to certain Talbot 1.6 models. Alternative TRW TCK2096 or Borg & Beck HK6213 or LUK 620015306. Was Q/H QKT209AF
Pressure plate QH Q90655
Release bearing QH CCT271
Murena 2.2 Simon Auto Clutch kit Complete kit 10 017 The 2.2 uses the Tagora engine and CitroŽn transaxle so the clutch is a mixture of the pressure plate from Talbot and the friction plate from CitroŽn. However the pressure and friction plates are the same as the Renault Espace Series I:7700748881 and 7700851616. Kit LUK 622148300 was Q/H QKT2255AF
Release bearing 10 012
Pressure plate 7700748881
Friction plate 7700851616
Clutch M/Cyl. repair kit Simon Auto see website Repair kits now available for 1.6 & 2.2 clutch master cylinders.
N.B. 1.6 & 2.2 cylinders have different bores. I have found a 2.2 unit on a 1.6 which forces the slave out too far!
Clutch Slave Cyl. repair kit (piston & seals) Simon Auto see website Repair kits now available for 1.6 and 2.2 clutch slave cylinders.
2.2 Clutch Slave Cylinder Circlip Roy Gillard As 32041532 I now have stock of these circlips to hold the slave cylinder in to the bellhousing, Just £1.00
Murena Brake System      
Flexible Hoses Goodridge Aeroquip Made to pattern Race/aerospace quality braided hoses. But may be cheaper than standard rubber hoses. Agent: Earl's Performance Products, Silverstone. 01327 858221 sales@earls.co.uk
Front brake hose Moprod BFH2004 or BH518 Originally Alfasud rear.
Rear brake hose Moprod BFH2913 Note standard Murena rear hose has unusually large banjo. Either get banjo bolts and copper washers to match new hoses, or drill out banjo fitting to 15mm -- it's got plenty of meat but remove every trace of swarf (a 15mm drill bit with 12 mm straight shank, a "blacksmith's drill", will fit a 1/2-inch chuck).
Front Disc (all) Talbot 0017740314 Plain solid brake disc 239.7mm diameter 11mm thick new. Minimum 9mm thick. Second number is for a pair.
Talbot 4246.B6
Rear Disc 1.6 Talbot 0017737614 Plain solid brake disc 232.9mm diameter 11mm thick new. Minimum 9mm thick. Second number is for a pair.
Talbot 4246.E4
Rear Disc 2.2 Matra 0032700500 Single plain solid brake disc 260.9mm diameter 11mm thick new. Minimum 9mm thick. These are unique to this car and therefore expensive.
Simon Auto 13 015
Front brake pads EBC DP2317 "Greenstuff" material. Pads 14mm thick. Mounting lugs are in a different position to those on the rear pads and the pads mount closer to the hub. If you fit rear pads in the front they will be partly off the disc and the outer unworn edges will eventually hit one another and you will lose the front brakes!
Ferodo FDB 235A
Rear brake pads Updated item EBC DP2189 "Greenstuff" material. Pads 15mm thick. DO NOT use these in the front. (see above) These Greenstuff pads are now getting very difficult to obtain, and Ferodo say the FDB106 is NLA! You could use Mintex MDB1065 but I'm sure they won't have the same performance as the EBC pads.
Ferodo FDB 106A
Pad anti-rattle spring kit Quinton Hazell BFK 744 Set of small springs to fit pad lugs, as well as R clips for caliper wedges.

Corrections and additions welcome -- webmaster Roy Gillard. *Contact me for Greig or Mike's email.

If you'd like to see other Matra models included -- send me some details!

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